To inspire a culture of increased commitment to people development.

Our aim is to help our customers see the benefits of continuous personal and professional development for all employees, regardless of hierarchy, job or conventional qualifications.

Through our caring consulting and training methodologies, innovative thinking and tools, we expand our business horizons and provide people with holistic developmental solutions, adding value in organizations of all sizes.



We deliver on our promises to each other and to our clients, working with integrity, consistency and commitment.


We are always mindful that we work with people and for people and empathize with their needs.


We are open to new ideas and ways of doing business. We welcome feedback for improvement from each other and from our clients.


We embrace the diversity of individuals and the different strengths they bring into the blend of teamwork. We give value to maintaining a work-life balance.


We work with enthusiasm and a strong desire to achieve creative solutions that bring optimum results for Humanis and our clients.

Our SocialIMPACT

We care about the impact we have on our customers’ organizations, their people and the impact that they have on our society.

Our vision, to increase the commitment to people development, is the driving force of our solutions, proven by ROI methodologies, measurable business results and direct feedback from the people involved.


We create diverse project teams where different backgrounds, ages, experience and knowledge come together to ensure manifold perspectives to our projects. Using our innovative way of thinking and our passion for our work, we produce a collage of suggested solutions, products and services that aim to exceed our customers’ expectations. We can offer mainline style training and facilitate organizational and team workshops. We can also combine “alternative” learning ways (games, simulations experiential involvement) using “alternative” associates (actors, stylists, movie critics) in “alternative” venues (theater, restaurants etc) to train in specific business needs and achieve optimal business results.

To ensure the right match for our clients we look at the organization as a whole: the business timeline, the people, the business strategy and of course, the corporate social responsibility and image. We then link past best practices with future business plans.

Jean Glover Customer Development Senior Manager & Head of Training

After working with AchieveGlobal Greece as Training Manager, a move to Brussels saw Jean working with Achieveglobal Benelux. Since then, she has continued to work throughout Europe and the Balkans. Jean loves to see people gain the insights and expertise in all aspects of communication and soft skills which will enhance their working and personal lives.She thrives on the challenge of leadership and team effectiveness workshops, particularly at senior level.

Effrosyni Thalassinou HR Services Senior Manager

With a BA in Languages for Business from Oxford Brookes University and an MA in Organizational Studies from Warwick University, Effrosyni returned to Greece where she first worked at a training consultancy firm. She is now a core member of Humanis, specializing in offering a series of HR consultancy services to small and medium sized enterprises.

Vivi Evangelidou Customer Development Senior Consultant

Having graduated from Deree College and having obtained an MA in English Literature from the University of Indianapolis, Vivi has worked as a business executive for more than 30 years in the field of sales varying from food to technology. In the last 10 years she has been working on staff training and coaching. She specializes in promoting suggestions on training, as well as organizing corporate events.

Mary Bitouni Managing Director

Mary studied Mechanical Engineering at the National Polytechnic School and Business at Deree College. She started her career in the Supply Chain of Procter & Gamble, where she worked in various departments, gaining invaluable knowledge and experience. She then established a company of consultants for business executives and employees. She founded Humanis as a result of accumulated knowledge and passion for working together to build strong organizational cultures.

Giannis Chaniotis Training Senior Consultant

With 15-year experience in the alcoholic beverages industry, in the field of sales, Giannis moved to the field of HR and to Humanis to become a trainer and facilitator in 2014. He believes that his previous experience has helped him a lot in understanding and tackling the issues employees face. At the same time, he runs his own small brewery.

Elena Altinalmazi Senior Manager, Learning & Development Solutions

Having graduated from Panteion University with a BA in Social Anthropology and Queen Mary, University of London with a MSc in International Human Resource Management & Employment Relations, Elena joined Humanis where she applied her knowledge and developed her skills. Today, she is responsible for the design and development of training programs that result in employee personal and professional growth.

Anita Pothitou Learning & Development Solutions

A Deree graduate, Anita has always been interested in the field of communication and advertising. Starting her career at a company of business consultants, though, was quite a surprise for her as she had never foreseen that this field would be so exciting. Communicating with clients, organizing projects, building her experience in interpersonal relationships, vital in this field, have ensured that Anita is a great asset for Humanis. Today she applies her valuable experience in the Learning and Development department.

Christy Paleocrassas Communication & Business Development

Christy is a strong believer of life being full of opportunities; you just have to know when to grab them… Having graduated from the Political Science Dpt. of Panteion University of Athens and Communications at Deree, the American College of Greece, she started working as a journalist, to move on to shipping and end up as a full time mom!! She joined Humanis in the field of Communication and Business Development, hoping to kick start a second career, focusing on people and their development.

Christina Papanikolopoulou Customer Service & Operations

Christina always knew that the humanities were the most suitable career path for her. Her experiences in sales and customer service, however, made her understand that direct contact with people is the driving force for continuous personal development. As a member of Humanis, she works hard for the collective evolution of both the team and its clients.

Danae Panagopoulou Analyst

Danae graduated this year from the University of Kent, having earned a BSc (Hons) degree in Psychology. She is currently employed as an intern, having worked previously with Humanis on several assessments and events for Coca Cola 3E (Graduate Trainee program) and the Onassis Foundation, during her summer and winter vacations. She has also worked for a month at the shipping company Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement, as an intern in the HR Dept.

Antonis Fioretos Chief Financial Officer

Antonis is a graduate of the Athens University of Economics and Business and has been working with a variety of companies of all sizes and business scope, for over 25 years. Today, he makes sure that Humanis is a robust and good-shaped consultancy company.

Pantelis Sarakiniotis Training Consultant

Pantelis was always interested to find out how societies can thrive, by ensuring both human flourishing and a sustainable future. This drove him in acquiring a BSc in Social Policy and a MSc in Migration, Social Discrimination and Citizenship, before completing another master’s degree in Human Resources Management. As a member of Humanis, he utilizes this valuable knowledge to provide tailored HR solutions to businesses. At the same time, he is also a trainer and facilitator.


In one of the most historic neighbourhoods of Athens, where the wisdom of the past meets the vibrance of today, we were inspired to write our story.

Our offices represent the way we think and work: we blend the old with the new, the past with the future, the classic with the innovative and the highest standard of professionalism in a warm and friendly environment.